Neon art

Neon art

© Alex Sitnik

To be honest, I made this art a long time ago, I just decided to post it just now, it's just that I'm still learning a different style and it doesn't take much time to get used to it. Also, while I am versed in animation, I will probably soon make not only such art, but also animation and as well as videos of how I create these arts I will upload for promotion.

Жанры: гламур, портрет, портфолио 

Загружена: 28.07.2021

Модель камеры: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Выдержка: 1/125 сек

Число диафрагмы: f/11.0


Фокусное расстояние: 50 mm

Версия Exif: 0231

Дата создания: 2017:10:01 23:43:11

Экспозамер: Центровзвешенный

Метод экспозиции: Manual exposure

Баланс белого: 1

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